Hon’ble Minister inaugurates exhibition and ONGC Pavilion @Petrotech 2019

Hon’ble Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated the Petrotech-2019 exhibition, which is being held at India Expo Mart from 10-12 February 2019.

The Exhibition inauguration session started with ribbon cutting ceremony by Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan. He also unveiled the brochure of Petrotech - 2019. The digital inauguration of the exhibition was done by Hon’ble Minister of Mines and Petroleum Afghanistan Ms. Nargis Nehan.

Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurating the Exhibition at Petrotech 2019

The Hon’ble Minister of petroleum and natural gas and skill development & entrepreneurship Mr Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated the ONGC Pavilion along with Hon’ble Minister of Mines and Petroleum Afghanistan Ms Nargis Nehan. They together lighted the diya with a peaceful sound of Saraswati Vandhana playing in the background. The dignitaries appreciated the ambience of the ONGC pavilion.

Inaugurating the ONGC Pavilion at this exhibition, Mr Dharmendra Pradhan spoke about opportunities that Petrotech – 2019 will provide to Indian oil and gas industry to showcase their emerging potential.

ONGC Pavilion at Petrotech 2019

Mr Dharmendra Pradhan appreciated the ‘Live the Molecule’ audio-visual and quiz, which is being showcased at the ONGC Pavilion. The audio-visual shows the story of a molecule’s life cycle, i.e. from the evolution of earth to the fuel reaching every household. It highlights the working of Upstream and Downstream gamuts in the Energy sector. A quiz based on this audio-visual is also being conducted at the Pavilion. The three minute quiz compiles of questions from in and around the oil and gas sector. The winning participants of the quiz are being rewarded with suitable prizes. The quiz and audio-visual is the highlight of the ONGC Pavilion for this edition of Petrotech. It is attracting and engaging the visiting delegates, exhibitors and participants.

Participants taking Live the Molecule quiz at ONGC pavilion

Different companies dealing in oil and gas sector have taken part in exhibition. Oil and gas companies like Bharat Petroleum, Tubeux group, Indian Oil, Vendata are some companies. At their stalls they showcased new models in the emerging sector of petroleum industry. The exhibition will continue for the next two days of Petrotech.

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