Buyer Seller Meet concludes at Petrotech 2019

The third session of Buyer Seller Meet of Petrotech 2019 was moderated by Partner and Leader, PwC India Mr. Deepak Mahurkar and five Panelists, which included Director Global Businesses Development International Cabot Speciality Fluids Mr. Alan Carnegie, Vice President Sales and Marketing-India Aker Solutions Mr. Rajesh Joshi, Founder and Director Detect Technologies Mr. Tarun Kumar Mishra, Lead Application Engineer OPRA Turbines International B.V. Mr. Anshuman Pandey and CEO Measuremation Inc. USA Mr. Hemant (Rayan) Narayan.

The session focused on the theme 'Emerging opportunities to lock benefits of long term hydrocarbon business.’ Director Global Business Development International Cabot Speciality Funds Mr. Alan Carnegie, said "Green fuel is emerging in India, we are looking to expand our business in India, because we have the right temperature conditions here.” President Sales and Marketing -India Aker solutions Mr. Rajesh Joshi said "We have to look into the challenges in the procurement process.” Panelists discussed about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learnings. Founder and Director Detect Technologies Mr. Tarun Kumar Mishra said "The buyers focus on the ROI on Robotics. Artificial Intelligence can do any task in a micro-second. Artificial Intelligence has the efficiency and ability to do any task in fraction of seconds” he added.

Focusing on technology Mr. Hemant (Rayan) Narayan said "Technology is only good, if it fulfils the purpose". He said that we should focus on quality and not quantity.

Another discussion was held on the topic “Smart plans and new trends”. The companies discussed the new ideas. Mr. Hemant (Rayan) Narayan introduced a virtual pipeline, while explaining his project.

The event concluded with a Q&A session, where buyers and sellers engaged in conversation pertaining to the theme.

The vote of Thanks was given by Moderator and Partner and Leader, PwC India Mr. Deepak Mahurkar.

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